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ShipMyRoom is an industry leader in packing, shipping and storage services designed specifically for college students.

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ShipMyRoom provides flexible, safe, and secure dormitory and apartment moving services for college students.

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Our Story

ShipMyRoom began as a division of Legacy Logistics, a 22-year-old specialized shipping, and storage company with a focus on trade show, event, and white glove logistics. Parents of college students ourselves, we understand first-hand the cost and anxiety multiple college move in/outs can cause. ShipMyRoom was founded to give peace of mind to college students and their families by providing user-friendly and affordable packing and shipping solutions that meet specific college moving guidelines.

In 2020, the ShipMyRoom team was preparing to serve its first semester of students, when the COVID-19 pandemic closed universities nationwide. Many students returned home early, leaving belongings in their dorm rooms and off-campus apartments. ShipMyRoom partnered with schools to help return these items to students safely and securely. Using technology, students across the country helped their professional packing teams separate and pack their items, returning them to the correct roommate. Then, ShipMyRoom’s flexible storage and shipping solutions helped students prepare for a safe return to campus when their in-person classes resumed.

Now in our third year, ShipMyRoom continues to add new higher education partners and offer an expanding range of flexible moving solutions designed specifically for students. With a focus on customer service and user-friendly technology tools, ShipMyRoom is making it easy to move out of and back into on-campus and off-campus housing, whether you’re traveling across town or across the globe.

ShipMyRoom ensures its services meet moving day guidelines. The company’s professional packing and shipping providers are highly trained in the use of personal protection equipment and adhere to campus health and safety requirements, including COVID-19 safety guidelines issued by the CDC.

ShipMyRoom was founded to give peace of mind to students and their families by offering best-in-class packing and moving solutions that serve diverse college and university communities. We are proud to have helped hundreds of college students prepare to return to campus safely during the pandemic and we continue our commitment to customer service excellence, innovation, and safety as we begin our third year of business.

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